Business benefits of EcoDesign at Smiths Group

Smiths Group logoAn international engineering and technology group, Smiths Group commissioned thinkstep to design, develop, and deliver pilot projects in the UK, USA and Germany to demonstrate the business benefits of EcoDesign to companies in its Medical, Aerospace, Detection and Maritime divisions. Each project adopted a club approach based around three structured one-day workshops. Skills learnt during the workshops were translated into action through site support visits. The results achieved by participating companies were captured as two-page case studies for dissemination within the Group and to customers and stakeholders. The case studies are summarized in Smiths Group’s 2004 and 2005 EHS reports, available from, and include:

  • cost savings of $136 per unit and reduction in weight by 13% for convective warmer.
  • 40% reduction in screws and metal inserts for waste anaesthetic gas scavenger.
  • weight reduction by 70% and size by 10% for portable resuscitator.
  • cost saving of $195,000 per year from new material specification for lightweight chemical detector.