Batteries Directive

Batteries DirectiveThe Batteries Directive 2013/56/EU applies to all types of batteries regardless of their shape, volume, weight, material composition or use. The Directive also specifically includes batteries which are incorporated into electrical equipment, apart from batteries contained in military and space equipment.

Batteries compliance and registration requirements

The Batteries Directive introduces substance restrictions, labelling requirements for new batteries and requirements for new electrical equipment to be designed so that batteries can be easily removed. Battery manufacturers and importers of batteries (including batteries which are incorporated into electrical equipment) are also required to register as a 'batteries producer' and manage battery collection, recycling and reporting in every EU Member State where they sell batteries or equipment containing batteries.

The registration process and management requirements are different in each EU Member State. thinkstep's consultants can assess legal exposure to the Batteries Directive for sales of your equipment in Europe and provide a detailed Compliance Action Plan for your company. We also help you complete your battery producer registrations in EU Member State where you sell batteries or equipment containing batteries. Our quarterly update service will keep you up to date as EU Member States finalize the details of their national regulations over the coming year.

For further information on the Batteries Directive view our presentation on 'Producer responsibility provisions for EU batteries collection, recycling and reporting' (please note this covers the 2006/66/EC Directive). This isĀ also available in French, German and Italian.