Batteries Services

thinkstep's Batteries Compliance Services allows companies to comply with the Batteries Regulations in each EU Member State, including:

  • A compliance assessment of legal exposure to the Batteries Directive for sales of your equipment in Europe, including a detailed Compliance Action Plan and practical measures to help you meet your obligations against the Batteries Regulations in EU Member States;
  • An assessment of your product exposure to Article 11 Design for Removability requirements and how this will apply to your products;
  • Joining and maintaining membership to compliance schemes for batteries, plus managing registration requirements, calculating your company's batteries obligations in each EU Member State and reporting your batteries obligations to these schemes;
  • Paying batteries recycling fees where applicable on your behalf (thinkstep will invoice your company for the batteries recycling fees at cost)
  • Managing substance declarations from your supply chains for Batteries compliance through thinkstep's web-database system ;
  • Regular web-meetings / conference calls to keep you up-to-date with all aspects of your company's environmental product compliance; and 
  • Call-off consulting whereby you can request additional advice and guidance on any environmental product compliance issue as required