Batteries: Producer registration

The registration process and deadlines are different in each Member State. thinkstep cuts through the confusion and helps you to register in all Member States where you have the obligation as the battery producer.

Collection, recycling and reporting arrangements

In practice, if your equipment includes portable batteries then there is no option except to join approved producer compliance schemes to provide collection, recycling and reporting arrangements in relevant Member States. In some countries, if your equipment includes industrial batteries then establishing your own collection, recycling and reporting arrangements can be a more practical and cost-effective option. thinkstep analyses the options for you, provides a comparison of the different approved compliance schemes which are available in Member States and can assist you with registering as a batteries producer in EU Member States and joining a batteries compliance scheme in these countries as required.

Calculation of the batteries compliance obligation

Using information from our compliance assessment of the battery types, weights and chemistries sold by your company in Europe, thinkstep will contact your sales offices in EU Member States to obtain estimated sales data for your company products. thinkstep will then combine these data to calculate the batteries compliance obligation for your company in each of these Member States. thinkstep will use this calculation of batteries compliance obligation to join batteries compliance schemes and pay the necessary registration fees and battery recycling fees on behalf of your company in EU Member States (the registration fees / batteries compliance scheme membership and recycling fees will be charged back to your company at cost).

Annual update of batteries obligation calculation and reporting of batteries obligation

thinkstep will take on the responsibility for re-calculating your company battery obligation in each EU Member State each year and to continue to carry out the reporting of the battery obligation to battery compliance schemes in these Member States. thinkstep will contact your company's EU sales office each year and gather the necessary information for thinkstep to update the batteries obligation calculation for that year. thinkstep will then report the batteries obligation to the batteries compliance scheme in that Member State and pay the appropriate battery recycling fees to the compliance scheme on behalf of your company.