Batteries: Quarterly Update Service

The Batteries Directive required Member States to implement new Batteries Regulations from 20 November 2013. In practice, many Member States are late in introducing all of the requirements of the Batteries Directive.

thinkstep's quarterly update service enables you to keep up to date as the remaining Member States implement the new regulations and other Member States amend their existing regulations to meet all requirements in the Directive. The quarterly update reports include:

  • Alerts for the Member States who have not currently transposed the requirements of the Batteries Directive into national law, and detailed assessments of the new regulations when they are implemented, including battery producer registration requirements and battery producer compliance options.
  • Developments to existing Member State's Batteries Regulations. In particular, in Member States where the Batteries Directive is currently only transposed through draft legislation, or where certain provisions to transpose the requirements of the Batteries Directive are yet to be implemented (for example, battery producer registration requirements).
  • Information on newly authorized producer compliance schemes in Member States, including joining fees, membership arrangements and reporting requirements.