New requirements for batteries producers in Slovakia


May 2011

At the end of 2010, the European Commission sent Slovakia a ‘Reasoned Opinion’, the first step towards infringement proceedings, for not having correctly transposed the WEEE and Batteries Directives. Drafting of a new Waste Act began in early 2011.

The new Act will introduce provisions for collective battery systems (which the existing Act does not). A draft and public consultation is expected around August 2011 with adoption by the end of 2011.

Companies who place portable batteries on the market for the first time in Slovakia will be required to join one of the collective battery systems when these are formally approved. Alternative compliance options for batteries producers may also include paying into the existing 'Recycling Fund', as established by the Slovakian government in 2005 to support the collection, recovery and processing of selected waste streams, including batteries.

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