Formal declaration for B2B WEEE compliance required in France

French Flag

February 2012

In order to improve the control of waste resulting from B2B equipment, the Ministry of Environment in France (ADEME) has set up new guidelines that require every B2B producer to provide a declaration that the responsibility for end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment has either been transferred directly to the end-user or has been assumed through the producer’s own individual take-back and recycling arrangements.

The declarations are a precursor to more stringent B2B compliance requirements under an upcoming amendment to the French WEEE regulations.

The declaration needs to be made for WEEE compliance data reported in France for the 2011 period, must be printed on company-headed paper and returned before the reporting deadline of 1 March 2012. Both options require that the producer has communicated with, or to, the end-user about who is responsible for the environmentally sound management of the equipment at end-of-life.

thinkstep's pan-European web-based WEEE Compliance System to provide WEEE registration, reporting, collection and recycling ensures that companies can meet this new producer compliance requirement in France.

Source: Perchards/Sagis