B2BWEEE-Scheme receives continued approval

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14 March 2012

thinkstep's UK WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme, B2BWEEE-Scheme has received continued approval from the UK Environment Agency.

Following the 2009 amendments to the WEEE Regulations, the UK Environment Agency now allows Producer Compliance Schemes which have previously operated on a three-year approval to roll over to a continuous approval with no further application submissions required by the scheme. The UK Environment Agency noted in recent correspondence that our scheme arrangements were ‘very robust’.

thinkstep is the only approved Producer Compliance Scheme which provides a web-based pan-European compliance system tailored to each individual B2B company’s requirements. Our solution has significant business benefits:

  • Provides a single contract to manage producer registration, in-country recycling, and compliance reporting in all Member States.
  • Provides straightforward collection arrangements, which the company can communicate to business end-users through their own company website.
  • Achieves significant savings over joining a different compliance scheme in each Member State.
  • Includes the option to gain further savings by passing collection costs on to business end-users.
  • Includes a customer relationship module which adds marketing benefits.
  • Enables companies to gain a competitive advantage with resellers who import into Member States (and who may therefore have a legal responsibility to register as a WEEE producer and provide WEEE collection and recycling).
  • Provides high visibility to customers that the company is compliant with the WEEE Directive and has addressed its environmental responsibilities.