WEEE Recast delayed

EU flags

April 2012

Approval of the final text of the recast WEEE Directive by the European Council of Ministers has been delayed due to the time it is taking the EU to accurately translate the Directive into 27 languages. The UK government’s plans to consult on implementing the WEEE recast measures could be postponed until the end of 2012 or even early 2013.

This is considerably later than expected as MEPs had voted to confirm changes to legislation in January 2012. Some delays have been blamed on requests for additional amendments or adjustments to some of the wording of the legislation by Member States such as Germany.

Once approved, further delays will occur from publishing the directives in the Official Journal of the European Communities. The Recast will enter into force on the 20th day after publication in the Official Journal. Member states will then have to update their national legislation within 18 months of that date.

Consequently, the new draft guidance will not be available until 2013 with any new regulations unlikely to come into force until mid-2014.

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