Defra publishes progress report on Waste Policy Review

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

May 2012

A progress report has been published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) which examines each policy against its reasons for action and the schedule set out for its completion.

The National Waste Management Plan (NWMP) will now be published in late 2013 rather than spring 2012. The NWMP is to replace WS2007 as the “national waste management plan” in order to comply with the revised Waste Framework Directive.

The progress of other actions are as follows:

  • Discussions on Voluntary Responsibility Deals on Packaging are on track. Defra will work with business to identify and promote innovation which can reduce packaging, increase recycled content, or make more packaging recyclable by design. It will also explore responsibility deals to raise recycling levels for metal and plastic packagingEach potential deal will have its own timetable.
  • The Government has announced the new packaging recycling targets for 2013-2017, and legislation will be adopted later in 2012 (see news article).
  • A review of existing Producer Responsibility regimes will be completed late 2012. Working with the enforcement bodies Defra, BIS and EA will look at whether and how existing Producer Responsibility regimes could be simplified to deliver reduced administrative burdens.

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