Lithuanian Packaging and Packaging Waste Law amended

Lithuanian flag

May 2012

The Lithuanian Packaging and Packaging Waste Law has recently been amended. The system in which obligations were met using tradable recycling certificates has been abolished, and instead there will be direct subsidies to the municipalities. The previous system cost producers around 7 million euros per year and the new system is estimated to cost about 20 million euros.

The total cost of managing packaging waste will be covered by producers and importers of packaged goods who will have to register with the authorities. They can do this by becoming a member of a collective system which will finance the municipalities’ packaging waste collection operations or by individually contracting with a waste management company that handles packaging waste.

The municipalities can either arrange the collection of packaging waste from households themselves, or contract it out to a waste management company through competitive tendering. The municipalities will be funded according to the organisations’ market shares in the case where more than one producer responsibility organisation is operating (this will be supervised by the Ministry of Environment).

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Source: Perchards/Sagis