WEEE collection rate around 80% in Bulgaria


July 2012

Data from the Executive Environment Agency (EEA) indicate that Bulgaria has achieved the highest WEEE collection rate in the EU. The quantity of WEEE collected in 2010 corresponds to 82% of EEE placed on the market in that year. The collection rate for 2011 is 77%.

The high collection rate is due to:

  • A decrease in volumes of EEE placed on the market as a result of the financial crisis. The volume of EEE placed on the market in 2010 and 2011 (around 7 kg per capita) was half that reported before 2009.
  • WEEE collection being over 5kg per capita since 2010. The Ministry believes this is down to the disposal of WEEE that had been stored in homes for several decades before WEEE collection began in 2007.

At present, there are 15 approved WEEE systems; a reduction of the number of systems is planned. The Ministry is preparing a new WEEE Ordinance, scheduled to be published later in 2012 which will require WEEE systems to have capital or put up a financial guarantee of EUR 500,000. The Ministry hopes this will reduce the number of systems to two or three.

Source: Perchards/Sagis