BIS introduces short-term measures to reduce the cost of WEEE evidence


July 2012

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has revealed several short-term measures to increase transparency in the WEEE system.

In order to assist producers in identifying which producer compliance scheme (PCS) to use, BIS plans to publish details of producer compliance schemes’ WEEE recycling obligations.

The temporary measures precede the government’s transposition of the WEEE Recast into UK law, which is due to take place by January 2014.

BIS is also:

  • reducing the administrative burden on PCSs, by suggesting that schemes report their obligation to the nearest tonne for the 2012 compliance year rather than to the nearest kilogram;
  • inviting views from PCSs on plans to amend the Viable Plan Process;
  • recommending that PCSs agree to the insertion of a common clause in contractual arrangements for a standard arbitration process in the event that two schemes disagree over the cost of evidence. However, this is a non-compulsory measure;
  • looking into the introduction of a compulsory arbitration service;
  • BIS has also revealed that the Environment Agency will publish an annual statement to include a summary of enforcement actions taken against compliance schemes.