Rise in UK WEEE collection rate

WEEE Design

March 2013

A decrease in the amount of EEE placed on the UK market in 2012 has led to an increased WEEE collection rate. The collection rate for B2B and B2C WEEE in 2012 reached 35.37% compared to a collection rate of 34.41% in 2011.

The actual tonnage of material collected has fallen but the collection rate has remained high as the tonnage of new products placed onto the market has also fallen. The collection rates are calculated in proportion to the amount of new EEE placed on the market.

A 45% WEEE collection target will apply to Member States from 2016. The UK could meet this target on its current collection level, if ‘non-obligated’ WEEE is counted towards recycling targets. If obligated and non-obligated WEEE is included, the overall collection rate for 2012 would increase to 46%.