Amendment to Slovakian Waste Act

Slovakian Flag

June 2013

Following the European Commission’s ‘reasoned opinion’ (proceeding no. 2012/2062) for inadequately transposing Batteries Directive 2006/66/EC, Slovakia has released a draft amendment to the Waste Act.

The draft includes several changes in the requirements for portable battery producers. In particular, producers:

  • are only required to register with the recycling Fund and pay the fees for the past year if the annual collection target is not achieved (30% in 2013, increasing by 5% annually to 45% in 2016);
  • may only be a member of one collective organisation and can change to a different collective organisation at the end of a calendar year only.

Currently the Waste Act does not mention or regulate compliance organisations for batteries, thus a new paragraph introduces the ‘collective organisation’ for waste batteries into the Waste Act.

The draft introduces stricter ‘state supervision’ for collective organisations for WEEE and batteries following enforcement difficulties of the existing Waste Act. ‘Controlled entities’ will be reviewed by the government at least once every four years.

Under the draft, retailers selling batteries which are supplied by an unregistered producer are subject to producer obligations. Distributors must take back waste portable batteries from end-users even when no new batteries are bought, visibly inform customers about the option of free take-back and transfer of collected batteries to producer collection points or collective organisations.

Source: Perchards/Sagis