Finland Proposes New Packaging Decree


August 2013

The new Finnish Packaging Decree would set higher recycling targets and increase producers’ responsibility.

The proposed Decree requires producers to provide a new nationwide network of collection points for packaging waste.

The minimum number of collection points that producers must provide are set in the new Decree:

  • one glass bring bank per 500 people (or a minimum of 2000 banks)
  • one plastic bring bank per 10,000 people (or a minimum of 500 banks)

Producers can meet these obligations through an approved recovery organisation.

The proposed Decree sets the following new recycling targets (which exceed those in the current Decree and in the Packaging Directive 2004/12/EC) to be met by 2016:

  • wood - 15%
  • plastic - 30%
  • glass - 70%
  • metal - 70%
  • paper/board - 80%

The proposed Decree also states that packaging waste must increase by 5% less than GDP growth between 2012 and 2020.