Batteries amendment to Slovakian Waste Act approved


November 2013

At the end of 2010, the European Commission sent Slovakia a ‘Reasoned Opinion’, the first step towards infringement proceedings, for not having correctly transposed the WEEE and Batteries Directives.

An amendment to the Waste Act has been in preparation since 2011. The amendment to the Waste Act was approved by the government on 16 September 2013 and is due to come into force in January 2014, once approved by parliament and the president.

In the new draft, portable batteries producers:

  • Only have to register with the recycling Fund and pay the fees for the past year if they do not achieve the annual target (30% in 2013, increasing by 5% annually to 45% in 2016).
  • Can be a member of only one collective organisation.

Further, a new Decree (310/2013) introduces the most detailed reporting requirements for waste portable batteries of any EU country. This follows from a questionably high portable battery collection rate of 71% in 2012.

Producers and battery compliance organisations must reports volumes of waste portable batteries collected from households separately from those collected from non-households. The two groups of batteries must then be broken down into chemistries. Recycling efficiencies should be reported in the same level of detail. The Decree entered into force on 15 October and implements a number of provisions of the Waste Act.

Source: Perchards/Sagis