Changes to the UK WEEE regulations

WEEE Recast

November 2013

BIS published Draft WEEE Regulations on 11 October 2013.

Changes to the WEEE Regulations proposed in the Draft include:

  • the introduction of Option 3 from January 2014. Option 3 sets targets for compliance schemes with a ‘compliance fee’ if these are not met. Trading of WEEE evidence data between collection schemes will be outlawed. Treatment facilities will issue evidence to the scheme supplying the WEEE. Compliance schemes that over-collect will be required to finance the excess or retain the income. Compliance schemes that under-collect will have to pay a compliance fee per tonne of WEEE it has been not collected or face sanctions for non-compliance.
  • the new category 14 for PV panels and inclusion of LED lamp sources in category 13. Until 2019, EEE and WEEE are to be reported in the 14 categories (10 EEE categories and 3 product groups that form their own categories 11 to 14).
  • the obligation for all producers to join a producer compliance scheme, but introduces a de minimis threshold which exempts producers from this requirement if they place less than five tonnes onto the market per year. In October 2013, the Environment Agency published a statement confirming that small producers will have the option to register for 2014 directly with the Environment Agency by 31 January, or to sign up with a compliance scheme by 15 November.
  • a new obligation for retailers with an EEE sales area of at least 400m2 to provide takeback facilities of small WEEE of less than 25cm in length by offering in store takeback free of charge to the end-user of the EEE with no obligation to buy new EEE.