WEEE collection stable during Hungarian waste sector reform

WEEE collection

November 2013

Each year since in 2008, collection of WEEE has stayed at 4.5kg per capita.

From 2005 to 2011 approximately 10 - 13 kg of EEE per capita were put on the market annually, this decreased to 7.7 kg in 2012. The fall in amounts of EEE put on the market lead to an ‘unprecedented’ collection rate of 57% being achieved in 2012.

The first stage of the waste sector reform removed exemptions from the Product Fee and replaced 23 producer compliance organisations with the single state-controlled coordination authority OHÜ from January 2012. Now, almost all of the 1,500 registered EEE producers pay the full Product Fee. WEEE Category 5: Lighting Equipment and Category 8: Medical Devices are outside the scope of the Product Fee but remain subject to WEEE Regulations. Individual WEEE compliance in Hungary is an option but it is financially unattractive and complex.

The second stage, in force from June 2013, brings companies managing municipal waste under state or local government control.

Source: Perchards/Sagis