B2BWEEE-Scheme 2013 Declaration of Compliance Satisfactory

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May 2014

thinkstep's UK WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme, B2BWEEE-Scheme has received approval from the UK Environment Agency for its 2013 Declaration of Compliance.

As part of the Environment Agency's assessment of the B2BWEEE-Scheme 2013 Declaration of Compliance, the following was reviewed:

  • information completed on the Declaration
  • consistency between the Declaration, evidence on the Settlement Centre and scheme quarterly return data
  • accuracy of data given in the Declaration

In March 2012, B2BWEEE-Scheme received continued approval from the Environment Agency.

thinkstep is the only approved Producer Compliance Scheme which provides a web-based pan-European compliance system tailored to each individual B2B company’s requirements. Our solution has significant business benefits:

  • Provides a single contract to manage producer registration, in-country recycling, and compliance reporting in all Member States.
  • Provides straightforward collection arrangements, which the company can communicate to business end-users through their own company website.
  • Achieves significant savings over joining a different compliance scheme in each Member State.
  • Includes the option to gain further savings by passing collection costs on to business end-users.
  • Includes a customer relationship module which adds marketing benefits.
  • Enables companies to gain a competitive advantage with resellers who import into Member States (and who may therefore have a legal responsibility to register as a WEEE producer and provide WEEE collection and recycling).
  • Provides high visibility to customers that the company is compliant with the WEEE Directive and has addressed its environmental responsibilities.