Reduced Glass Recycling Targets in the UK


June 2014

Defra has confirmed that the business recycling targets for glass packaging will decrease following a review of data that found that there was less glass packaging on the market than previously thought.

Defra proposes that the overall recycling target for 2014 in the Producer Responsibility Regulations is lowered from 81% to 75%, then gradually increasing to 76% in 2015 and 77% in 2016 onwards.

The split between the targets for remelt and recycling through other means (such as aggregates) will also change, with a larger proportion of the target to be met through remelt. Currently 63% has to be recycled through remelt and 37% through other methods - this will change this year to 65% remelt and 35% other methods. The remelt target will rise to 66% in 2015 and to 67% in 2016 onwards.

The lower targets are likely to reduce the price of PRNs for glass.

Similar reviews of the targets for plastics and metals are underway following analysis of the data showed that tonnages of plastics and metals had also been over-estimated.

Source: Perchards/Sagis