Progress of WEEE Law Implementation in Israel


June 2014

Israel’s WEEE Law entry into force was delayed by two months to 1 March 2014 to allow time to consider outstanding implementing regulations. Two of these implementing regulations have been approved.

Exemption for small producers

The Committee approved the Regulations regarding producers and importers of limited market size on 28 January 2014.These Regulations exempt small producers and importers that place less than 1 tonne of EEE on the market per annum from the obligations to contract and report to an accredited WEEE organisation and to take back WEEE and waste, provided that the number of units does not exceed

  • 25 units in EEE Category 1: Temperature Exchange Equipment and Category 4: Large Equipment; or
  • 200 units in Category 2: Screens, Monitors, and Equipment Containing Screens, Category 5: Small Equipment and Category 6: Small IT and Telecommunication Equipment.

The exemption does not apply to producers, importers and distributors of products that may contain hazardous substances (i.e. batteries and light bulbs).

Reduced fines

The Committee approved the Regulations on reduction of the amounts of financial sanctions and payment on 3 February 2014 which enable the Minister of Environment to impose reduced fines in the following circumstances:

  • A reduction of the fine by 30% for offenders that detect and report a breach themselves; a reduction of 20% if the offender has taken steps to prevent a recurrence of the violation; and reductions of 20% and 10% if no offence has been committed for the previous 5 or 2 years respectively before the current breach;
  • Cumulative reduction, where there are a number of mitigating circumstances, may reduce the fine by up to 85%.
  • Fines for small companies with a turnover of up to ILS 10 million (EUR 1.1 million) and non-profit organisations should not to exceed 5% of turnover.

These reductions are relevant for producers that fail to contract an accredited WEEE organisation where the fine is ILS 150,000 (~EUR 31,500).

Source: Perchards/Sagis