Compliance requirements in Ireland

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WEEE Regulations

Batteries Regulations

Packaging Regulations

WEEE requirements

Registration timescale

Every year by 31 January

Registration agency

The WEEE Register Society

Collection and Recycling Obligations for B2B WEEE

Under SI 149/2014 Waste Management (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment [WEEE]) Regulations which came into force on 29 March 2014, the producer is required to finance the collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of WEEE that the purchase replaces, on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis. The old equipment that the new purchase replaces is referred to as Historic WEEE.

Under the WEEE Management Regulations, the producer is also required to finance the collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of any new electrical and electronic equipment that is bought after August 2005, when that new equipment eventually becomes waste. This is referred to as New WEEE.

Ireland WEEE Regulations

Batteries requirements

Registration timescale

26 September 2008

Registration Agency

The WEEE Register Society (now The Producer Register)

Registration, collection and recycling obligations for batteries producers

Producers of portable batteries

Producers can only comply by participating in a collective system. Individual compliance is not permitted. Collective systems must limit their activities to batteries, which excludes WEEE systems from covering batteries too. Individual compliance requires a permit and, for batteries but not for accumulators, a financial guarantee of HUF 1 million (~EUR 3,700) per tonne of batteries put on the market.

Producers of industrial batteries

Individual compliance is permitted. Alternatively, producers may participate in a collective scheme. Individual compliance does not require a permit. Producers to finance take-back and treatment. Retailers and distributors must take back batteries free of charge from 1 July 2009.

Battery Regulations

Packaging requirements

Obligated parties must register and submit data based on the amount of packaging handled to the Environmental Protection Agency.


The Packaging Regulations in Ireland apply to all producers. Major producers (importers, manufacturers and distributors of packaging material, packaging or packaged products), who:

  • place more than 10 tonnes of packaging on the Irish market; and
  • have a turnover exceeding 1 million euros, including exports

must either take back used packaging or join an approved recovery organization.

Packaging Regulations

Meeting the requirements

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