Compliance requirements in Luxembourg

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WEEE Regulations

Batteries Regulations

Packaging Regulations

WEEE requirements

Registration agency

The Administration of the Environment (the enforcement agency of the Ministry of Environment)

WEEE Regulations in French

Collection and recycling obligations for B2B WEEE

Producer's obligations can be fulfilled individually or through a collective system

Batteries requirements

Registration timescale

26 September 2009

Registration Agency

The Administration of the Environment

Registration, collection and recycling obligations for batteries producers

Producers are made responsible for financing net costs of collection, treatment and recycling, and public information campaigns. Existing public collection infrastructure must be used. However, producers may set up collective or individual collection systems as an alternative to, or complementary to, the public system. The Minister may order producers to use the public system if collection falls below pre-regulation level.

Battery Regulations in French

Packaging requirements

Obligations may be fulfilled by individual compliance, joint action with other producers or through a recovery organisation.

The Valorlux collective scheme was formally approved in 2000 to handle the collection and sorting of household packaging waste.

The approval says, among other things, that the main focus remains on household packaging waste, but Valorlux should also handle ‘similar packaging waste' from any commercial end-users who request this.


The Packaging Regulations in Luxembourg applies to any person placing products on the market or who has them packed in Luxembourg. There are no thresholds for companies who only handle small quantities of packaging.

Packaging Regulations

Meeting the requirements

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