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WEEE Regulations

Batteries Regulations

Packaging Regulations

WEEE requirements

Registration timescale

30 April 2006

Registration agency

National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA).

Producer Requirements
  • producers are responsible for organising and operating WEEE collection, either individually or through membership of a scheme, from private households, while municipalities are given several options to fulfil their obligation to ensure separate collection of WEEE from households.
  • A mandatory visible fee: Producers and distributors (of B2C and B2B EEE) must inform buyers of WEEE management costs separately.
  • Individual compliers require a licence from NEPA.

WEEE Regulations

Batteries requirements

Registration timescale

Registration is to be renewed annually

Registration Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency (ANPM)

Registration, collection and recycling obligations for batteries producers

Distributors may not sell batteries from unregistered producers after 30 April 2009.

Producers of portable batteries

The Regulations are not explicit about requirements for individual compliance for portable batteries producers. Producers can join a collective scheme and transfer legal responsibility to the scheme.

Producers of industrial batteries

Producers can join a collective scheme and transfer legal responsibility to the scheme. Individual compliance is permitted and no approval is required for individual systems

Battery Regulations in English

Packaging requirements

Obligated parties must register and submit data based on the amount of packaging handled to the Ministry of Environment and Waters Management.


There are no thresholds for companies who only handle small quantities of packaging.

Packaging marking requirements

Commission Decision 97/129/EC has been transposed accurately. Producers wishing to apply a material identification mark must use this system, but it is not mandatory to apply these markings.

Reusable packaging must be marked with the words Ambalaj reutilizabil.

Packaging Regulations

Meeting the requirements

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