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How the web database works

There are three types of account on BOMcheck:

  • A supplier account saves time and costs for suppliers and enables your Authorised Individual(s) to publish substance declarations into the database for the part numbers that you supply to your customers. You can follow the expert regulatory guidance in the Regulatory Compliance Declaration (RCD) tool to reduce your sample testing costs. You can choose to make some part numbers confidential to certain customers. Philips and other leading OEMs encourage you to make a Full Materials Declaration (FMD) because then you do not need to update your declaration every six months when more substances are added to the REACH Candidate List and other regulatory requirements. BOMcheck uses your FMD to re-calculate an RCD for your parts when the list of regulated and declarable substances changes. You can choose to make the FMD confidential to certain customers and allow other customers only to see the RCD which BOMcheck calculates from your FMD. You can map your part numbers to your customers’ part numbers. You can also e-mail substance declarations data directly from BOMcheck to any of your customers who have not joined BOMcheck yet.
  • A manufacturer account enables you to use BOMcheck to gather substance declarations from your suppliers. You can access the database to download substance declarations data, for example, for the part numbers that you buy from your suppliers. Large customers like Siemens and Philips have decided not to receive REACH compliance information individually from each of their suppliers every 6 months when a new REACH list is published. Instead, they ask their suppliers to comply with these REACH requirements by joining BOMcheck.
  • Most companies are in the middle of the supply chain and so will need both a supplier account (to make declarations on BOMcheck for the part numbers you supply to your customers) and a manufacturer account (so that you can use BOMcheck to gather declarations from your suppliers). When a company has both accounts, thinkstep provides a free upgrade to convert the supplier account into a Super User account. In addition to providing access to all of the manufacturer tools and all of the supplier tools, a Super User account enables you to use BOMcheck as your IT system. You can store your BOM structures and use BOMcheck to roll up the declarations data from your suppliers to calculate the compliance for your assembled products. BOMcheck checks your suppliers declarations data every day and re-calculates the compliance of your products accordingly. Philips has published a video which explains how Philips uses BOMcheck as its IT system to calculate compliance for Philips products.

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Subscription costs

A supplier account costs 300 Euros per year – there is no limit to the number of part numbers that the supplier can load into the database or the number of customers that the supplier may have on BOMcheck. You will need to appoint an Authorised Individual who will fill out the application form on BOMcheck and pay the 300 Euro per year subscription fee.

A manufacturer account is free-of-charge provided you agree to send a letter to your suppliers asking them to comply with their REACH requirements by joining BOMcheck. thinkstep provides a standard letter which you can adapt and use. BOMcheck notifies you when your suppliers join the database.

When a company has both accounts, thinkstep provides a free upgrade to convert the supplier account into a Super User account.

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