WEEE & RoHS: Guidelines for CEOs, technical and marketing directors

DTI / DEFRA Logo The DTI / Defra Guide for Chief Executives includes a foreword by DTI Minister Stephen Timms and the Guide for Technical Directors and Marketing Directors discusses some of the marketing, product development and manufacturing issues in more detail. The guides were published by the UK Government Agency Envirowise and are available through the BERR website. thinkstep's Dr Aidan Turnbull wrote these Guides in March 2003 and since then many of the Directive requirements have become much clearer. In particular, the Guides do not explain the options available to business-to-business (B2B) producers to manage and minimise WEEE compliance costs.

UK Government WEEE and RoHS Guidelines for:

Dr Aidan Turnbull also wrote the Envirowise Guide to Sustainable Product Design for Designers. This Guide is endorsed by:

  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE);
  • Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE);
  • INTELLECT, the umbrella trade association for the UK electronics industry;

In addition to outlining the regulatory requirements, this Guide highlights the wider business threats and opportunities, and the tangible cost savings and business benefits that companies can achieve through sustainable product design

Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)

Designers and engineers are in an ideal position to ensure that sustainable design is applied at the concept stage. This Guide is written specifically to facilitate the upstream design decisions that are critical to the generation of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable patterns of production and consumption

Institution of Electrical Engineers (IMechE)

Dr Aidan Turnbull completed this Guide in March 2003. In the mean time our knowledge on eco-design techniques to reduce WEEE recycling costs, at the same time as reducing manufacture and assembly costs, has increased significantly.

Guide to Sustainable Product Design for Designers