WEEE Services

thinkstep's WEEE Compliance Services provide a range of individually costed solutions to manage compliance with WEEE legislation across Europe, including:

  • A compliance assessment of company products against the WEEE (and RoHS) Directives;
  • A web-based solution to manage WEEE producer registration, collection, recycling and reporting for B2B products across Europe;
  • Joining and maintaining membership to compliance schemes for WEEE (including schemes for business-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) products), plus managing registration requirements and reporting obligations to these schemes;
  • Paying WEEE recycling fees where applicable on your behalf (thinkstep will invoice your company for the WEEE recycling fees at cost)
  • Regular web-meetings / conference calls to keep you up-to-date with all aspects of your company's environmental product compliance; and 
  • Call-off consulting whereby you can request additional advice and guidance on any environmental product compliance issue as required

thinkstep can provide robust compliance solutions to manage producer obligations with the WEEE recast across Europe, including:

  • Providing detailed consultancy advice and product assessments in accordance with the new EEE categories to determine whether your company products fall under one of the new product categories which will apply from August 2018 or will be temporarily or permanently exempt from the WEEE recast (for example, because your product falls under an application exemption);
  • How the new definitions of producer will apply to your company sales arrangements in EU Member States;
  • Membership to thinkstep's approved Producer Compliance Scheme in the UK for professional-use products, B2BWEEE-Scheme;
  • Implementing web-based WEEE registration, collection, recycling and reporting arrangements to comply with the producer responsibility provisions of the WEEE Regulations in each country; and
  • Managing your company’s membership to local WEEE compliance schemes in countries where the WEEE regulations require all producers to join a scheme