WEEE: Web-based solution for WEEE compliance across Europe

Our web-based solution to manage and communicate collection and recycling arrangements to business end-users is designed to be loaded onto a dedicated area on the producer's website. The website address can be printed on the product below the crossed-out wheelie bin to indicate where business end-users should go to get more information about the B2B producer's collection and recycling arrangements.

It is important to ensure that arrangements for transportation of B2B WEEE from businesses comply with the EC Waste Framework Directive. The requirement to generate documentation to comply with the Waste Framework Directive is often cited by recyclers as a reason why the B2B producer should use the compliance scheme's and recycler's collection arrangements. However, our web-based solution enables the B2B producer to provide business end-users with a recycling collection label which they can easily complete to generate the required documentation themselves.

Most B2B WEEE compliance schemes and recyclers are keen to quote for collection of B2B WEEE from the business end-user's premises because it is an opportunity for them to generate additional revenue. However, in most Member States conventional logistics companies have the necessary waste carrier licenses and are very well suited to collect WEEE from business end-users. In this case, involving a third party such as a B2B WEEE compliance scheme or a recycler to arrange collections from business end-users can simply increase administrative costs.

To minimise WEEE collection costs, we recommend that B2B producers should require the business end-user to pay for transportation of WEEE to the recycler. By showing the business end-user how they can contact a licensed carrier to arrange and pay for a WEEE collection, the B2B producer's web-site saves money on avoided administration costs.

Our web-based approach also provides the B2B producer with flexibility and control of future WEEE recycling arrangements. The producer can change recyclers in individual countries and regions as necessary to take advantage of new recycling technologies and techniques which may deliver higher revenue returns for its waste equipment.

Our solution therefore provides significant business benefits:

  • Provides a single contract to manage producer registration, in-country recycling, and compliance reporting in all Member States.
  • Provides straightforward collection arrangements, which the company can communicate to business end-users through their own company website.
  • Offers a single corporate solution that can be expanded to cover other countries (e.g. US, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, etc.).
  • Achieves significant savings over joining compliance schemes in each Member State.
  • Includes the option to gain further savings by passing collection costs on to business end-users.
  • Includes a customer relationship module which adds marketing benefits.
  • Provides flexibility and control of future WEEE recycling arrangements, enabling companies to:
    • ensure that recyclers continue to provide competitive rates for their services, and
    • change recyclers in individual Member States to take advantage of new recycling technologies and techniques.
  • Enables companies to gain a competitive advantage with resellers who import into Member States (and who may therefore have a legal responsibility to register as a WEEE producer and provide WEEE collection and recycling).
  • Demonstrates to customers that the company is compliant with the WEEE Directive and has addressed its environmental responsibilities.

Our service includes consultancy advice on all aspects of WEEE compliance (e.g. product marking, recycling instructions, registration timescales and requirements in each Member State).

We have produced a webcast which explains the options available to producers of business-to-business EEE for compliance with the WEEE Directive across the EU Member States.

View B2B WEEE options webcast