WEEE: Quarterly Update Service

The WEEE Directive establishes measures on the prevention of waste from EEE, and requires Member States to set up separate collection of WEEE and ensure its proper treatment, recovery and disposal. Under each Member State WEEE Regulations, treatment, recovery and disposal must be financed by producers so that end-users of the equipment have the possibility of returning their end-of-life equipment free of charge. The Directive and implementing Member State WEEE Regulations set quantified targets for reuse, recycling and recovery.

The European Parliament adopted a recast of the WEEE Directive on 19 January 2012 which introduces a number of significant changes to the original WEEE Directive. The WEEE Recast was published in the official journal of the European Union on 24 July 2012, Member States have 18 months to implement national legislation to transpose the requirements of the WEEE Recast.

thinkstep's quarterly update service enables you to keep up to date as the remaining Member States implement the new regulations and other Member States amend their existing regulations to meet all requirements in the Directive. The quarterly update reports include:

  • Alerts for the Member States who have not currently transposed the requirements of the WEEE Directive into national law, and detailed assessments of the new regulations when they are implemented, including WEEE producer registration requirements and WEEE producer compliance options;
  • Developments to existing Member State's WEEE Regulations. In particular, in Member States where the WEEE Directive is currently only transposed through draft legislation, or where certain provisions to transpose the requirements of the WEEE Directive are still to be finalised (for example, WEEE producer registration requirements);
  • Practical information to companies on what the WEEE Recast will mean for producers of professional-use products when selling into Europe, and how thinkstep can further assist companies in understanding these new requirements;
  • Information on newly authorised producer compliance schemes in Member States, including joining fees, membership arrangements and reporting requirements.